Syncing pass, the standard unix password manager, with android Password Store. 2023-01-05

You will need to understand basic aspects of GPG keys, SSH and git.
  • Download Password Store and OpenKeyChain apps on the android.
  • Export the gpg key used for pass by running "gpg --armor --export-secret-keys key_id > private_key" (replace key_id with either the email used for the key or its actual ID) [1] in the terminal. Send key to phone.
  • Import gpg key file to OpenKeyChain.
  • On Password Store select "Clone remote repo" and enter SSH URL of pass repo on git, pass repo can be synced with gia via pass's man page.
  • Select SSH to sync with git, the public part of the SSH key needs putting on GitHub or wherever the repo is hosted. You will also be prompted on your phone to put in the password protecting the local git repository.
[1] Github discussion.